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Throughout the course of time, Habby has introduced updates to Archero that fix bugs and/or introduce new chapters or features.

2.9.0 (14 April 2021)

  • New Feature: Chapter Quick Raid
  • New Daily Event: Hero Party
  • New Chapter: Nightmare Land (Chapter 21)
  • New Progression Feature in Farm and Hatchery

2.8.5 (18 March 2021)

  • New Event added in Farm and Hatchery: Exchange, Clean, Dig, Identify!
  • New Hero: Lina
  • Hero Duel optimizations: Better rewards, Skill adjustment and Increased fraud detection
  • New Main & Hero (Chapter 20)
  • New limited time Outfits

2.7.1 (7 February 2021)

  • New Fun Gameplay: Hero Duel. The 1st truly PVP gameplay, select a skill and battle against a real player to be ranked on the leaderboards!
  • New Valentine's System: Sweet Proposal. Complete the stages to unlock something special!
  • New Hatchery Monsters
  • New Equipment Wishes
  • New Normal/Hero Mode (Chapter 19)
  • New Player Details feature
  • Optimized Equipment Chests

Version 2.2

2.2.2 / 2.2.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed level 188 in the Expedition
  • Fixed Ayana’s stats bug


Bug Fixes

  • Visual bug in HP, Attack and Equipment page (Enhance Equipment talent bug).
  • Ayana's Portal optimization.
  • Hero Mode Chapter 12, 13, 14 drop rate adjustments.
  • Phantom Cloak freezing damage bug fixed


New Event: Infinite Adventure

  • Complete challenges during Seasons to get rewards!

BattlePass Upgrades

  • New Reset Card, this can reroll your skill selection once.
  • New Ultimate Chest for when you complete the battle pass.

New Hero Mode Chapters and Expedition Levels

  • New Hero Mode Chapter 12 - 14.
  • New Expedition Levels 300 - 360.

Other Changes

  • Forge Runes to increase the base attribute of each rune.
  • New Hero Trial Mode (So you can trial your favourite potential hero before purchasing them).

Version 2.1


Chapter 16: Archaic Temple 
A temple that's peaceful from the outside with vicious creatures inside.

New Daily Event: Evil Dungeon
Giant monsters have escaped the dungeon where they were imprisoned. Destroy them!

New Hero Mode Chapter Chapter 11: The Capital

Greatly Improved BattlePass
The New BattlePass will be updated when Season 25 begins. Same price with 30 stages of rewards!

Version 2.0


Equipment stats of the new equipment increased.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fixed Spellbooks bug in Expedition.
  • Fixed Expedition loot bug.
  • Fixed Temple Escape loot bug.
  • Fixed Expedition localisation bug.
  • Fixed Events Results page information bug.
  • Fixed BattlePass localisation bug.

2.0.0 / 2.0.1

  • Archero - 1 Year Anniversary! Rewards The Entire Month!
  • New Expedition Game Mode: Mini stages for quick runs!
  • New Runes System
  • New Daily Events: Temple Escape
    • Infinite monsters lurk in the temples, only the strongest can survive and escape with treasure!
  • New Hero Mode Chapter 10
  • New Hero: Ayana
  • New Equipments
    • Bright Robe
      A robe that's full of light, reduces front damage during battle
    • Shadow Robe
      An assassin's special robe, reduces rear damage during battle
    • Flaming Ghost
      A ghost burning with blue flames that can shoot fireballs which split.
    • Noisy Owl
      Part of the gale force, this owl can summon a strong gale which can knockback enemies
  • Talents System Upgrade: 3 New Talents - Reduced Costs, Increased Effects
    • Hero Powerup: Hero Base Stats Increased.
    • Rune Powerup: Rune Random Effect Increased.
    • Block​​​​​​: Damage reduced when stationary.
  • Time Rewards Upgrade: Newly added XP, Runes, Scrolls
  • BattlePass Upgrade:
    • Energy Limit increased to 30
    • Time Reward XP +10%
    • Item drop rate chance +10%
    • No Ads* (Only for Master’s Blessings)
  • New Expedition Game Mode: Mini stages for quick runs!

Version 1.4


New Normal Mode Chapter: Chapter 15 - Pharaoh's Chamber

Description: The chambers of the ancient Pharaohs, filled with multiple waves of challenges.

New Hero Mode Chapters: Chapters 8 & 9

New Event Feature: Exclusive Quests with Rewards!

This is the full list of abilities that will be modified in the May 2020 update:

Poisoned Touch, Bolt, Blaze, Freeze, Holy Touch, Dark Touch, Shadow Clone, Summon One-eyed Bat, Smart, Strong Heart, Fire Circle, Ice Circle, Poison Circle, Bolt Circle, Obsidian Circle, Fire Swords, Ice Swords, Toxic Swords, Bolt Swords, Blazing Strike, Frost Strike, Toxic Strike, Bolt Strike, Frost Meteor, Toxic Meteor, Blazing Meteor, Bolt Meteor, Spirit - Multishot, Spirit - Front Arrow +1, Spirit - Blaze, Spirit - Freeze, Spirit - Bolt, Spirit - Poisoned Touch, Blazing Star, Frost Star, Toxic Star, Bolt Star, Smart (now gives 2 additional levels).

1.4.6 / 1.4.7

New Equipment: Spellbooks

Arcane Archer: A book that has all powers and experiences of an Archer. Use it to get an active Ultimate skill.

Ice Realm: A book containing powerful Frost magic. Use it to get an active Ultimate skill

Enlightenment: A book with magic that will help you learn new skills in battle. Use it to get an auto Ultimate skill.

Art of Combat: A book containing the arts of powerful combat. Use it to get an auto Ultimate skill.

New Hero: Shade

Description: Killer of shadows, queen of the night, she can switch between her real and shadow self in battle. Has a real and shadow self, the real self has dark powers, the shadow self has increased dodge, attack and attack speed.

Daily Quests & Achievements

Players will be able to complete daily quests and tasks to get achievements and rewards!


  • ====New Modes added to the Daily Quests.====
  • New Chapters!


Bug Fixes


2 New Rings:

  • Bull Ring:  Contains the power of bulls, use it to increase attacks on all mobs.
  • Lion Ring:  Contains the power of a berserk lion, use it to increase attacks on boss monsters.

2 new skills added to Hero Adventure:

  • Heroic Fightback: once the hero falls, huge amounts of damage is dealt to all enemies.
  • Fury Command: spirits enters a fury state within 5s of entering a room.


  • Fixed incorrect 3rd party cheating notices.
  • Fixed crashes on certain devices.
  • Fixed issue with unlocking new chapters automatically.
  • Fixed issue with Dragon Boss.
  • Blocked ‘Smart’ skill in Hero Adventure.
  • Added a skill selection page in the first stage of Hero Adventure.


Bug Fixes



In this brand new mode you'll be able to play with your friend and every other players! This mode is cross-platform, that means you'll be able to play with IOS if you're on Android and vice versa. One player will need to create a room and the other will need to join them by entering the code. You'll find the co-op mode in the event section, you'll be able to play co-op 10 times a day. And you'll receive rewards such as gems, gold and experience.


Challenge yourself in this endless mode Archer! This mode will be available in the event section, with a cost of 15 energies and doable a second time by spending gems. Your goal is to reach the highest stage you can with 3 heroes!. With a background that reviews all the chapters with know so far this mode is full of rewards that includes sapphires and scrolls. The bosses will also have a chance to drop a common item!

In this new mode you'll also be able to find a new NPC, that offers you a new ability, some of them are new and some others known!


Newly added hero modes chapter 6 & 7!


  • Description: Born of the magical woodlands, she is in touch with nature. 
  • Skill: Summons a thorned vine to attack enemies


You'll be now able to claim a gift every day you start the game, including gems, chest keys, sapphires and scrolls! It last 15 days and not renewable.


•  Xmas & Spring Festival events have been removed.


  • Enhance Equipment Talent which was not applied to spirits/bracelets/lockets is now fixed and works for every equipment.
  • Phantom Cloak thorn damage have now been added.
  • Smart ability which were not working so far have been fixed.
  • Some Lockets that were working no matter your amount of HP have been fixed.
  • Optimisation of events difficulty.
  • Optimisation of servers which will fix lose of experience and chapter progression.

Version 1.3


New Content:

  • Newly added skills for battle: Attack Plus, HP Plus, Crit Plus, Speed Plus, Crit Aura, Speed Aura, HP Gain Aura, Obsidian Circle.
  • New Equipment Class: Ancient Legendary.
  • New Coins concealer view feature.


  • Offline earnings for Sapphires.
  • Meteor and Star skills will now attack enemy areas.
  • Spring Festival event scene colors.
  • More rewards added in Battle Pass.
  • Bug fixes.


  • New Chapter 14
  • New Daily Events: Spring Festival, defeat monsters to win rewards!
  • New Hero: Sylvan, elf prince with strong elemental attacks
  • Fixed certain bugs when attacking Bosses
  • Fixed certain equipment skill explanation errors
  • Fixed certain chapter display bugs
  • Fixed Meowgik's 'Rage' bug
  • Removed chest item drop percentages


  • Show chest item drop percentages


  • New Hero: Meowgik, a hero with kitty power!
  • New Weapons: Stalker Staff, Brightspear
  • New Equipment: Lockets & Bracelets, wear them to get interesting powers!
  • New Daily Events: Xmas Event! Complex mazes, crazy monsters, plenty of presents!
  • Added Portal in Chapter 5
  • Added BattlePass Season End Countdown
  • Optimized Shop NPC & UI
  • Bugs fixed.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2.7 (iOS: November 21 2019)

  1. New Dismantle feature: Dismantle equipment to get materials and coins.
  2. New Chapter 13: Lava Land.
  3. New Hero Mode Chapter 4 & 5.
  4. New Female Hero: Bonnie.
  5. Increased drop rate for equipment in Main Chapters, Hero Mode and Daily Events.
  6. Reduced difficulty for Chapters 1, 2, 7-12.
  7. Reduced Coins required for Lv.1-9 on Talents.
  8. Newly added Chapter Pack for Chapter 13.
  9. You can now continue battles in Daily Events should you stop halfway.
  10. Increased rewards for Chapter 2’s initial Lucky Spin.
  11. Increased strength for Dwarf’s skill effects, increased Crit rate.
  12. Increased strength for Spirit skills, with added stats increase for heroes.

Related skills:

  • Spirit – Blaze
  • Spirit – Freeze
  • Spirit – Bolt
  • Spirit - Poisoned Touch
  • Spirit - Front Arrow +1
  • Spirit - Diagonal Arrows +1
  • Spirit - Attack Boost
  • Spirit - Crit Boost
  • Spirit - Attack Speed Boost

Version 1.2.6 (iOS: 28 October 2019)

  • New Daily Events (Defeat Chapter 3 to unlock)
    • Personal Danger: The caves are full of melee outlaws. They are arrogant but very dangerous.
    • Flying Bullets: Monsters who are great at long-ranged attacks; can you survive their constant attacks?
    • Hollow’s Eve: All the ghosts are out; they're not after your life, they're after your candy!
  • In Daily Events mode, loots may be lost if the game is shut in the middle of progress. The developers will optimize this in the next update.
  • New Hero Growth System, Special Stones (Sapphires) to upgrade (drops after beating Chapter 3)
  • New Hero: Helix
  • Upgrade rewards for Battle Pass.
  • Increased some drops for XP, Coins, etc.

Version 1.2.3 (iOS: 26 September 2019)

  • Lowering chapter difficulty (Reduced difficulty for Chapter 7-12)
  • Improving item drop rate
  • Bug fixes and some improvements
  • Major Crit Master bug fixed
  • Fixed Battle Pass related bugs

Version 1.2.1 (iOS: 30 August 2019)

  • 5 new heroes (Phoren, Onir, Taranis, Urasil, and Rolla)! Pick your favorite one to tear up the battlefield. (Reach Level 2-1).
  • Season 1 Battle Pass Introduced
  • Added the Master NPC
  • Bug Fixes and Optimisations
  • Ad revives
  • Obsidian 10x purchase deal
  • Turkish localization Added.

Version 1.2.0 (Android: 23 August 2019)

  • 5 new heroes (Phoren, Onir, Taranis, Urasil, and Rolla)
  • Season 1 Battle Pass Introduced
  • Bug Fixes and Optimisations
  • Ad revives
  • Obsidian 10x purchase deal

Version 1.1

Version 1.1.7 (Android only)

  • Bug fixes and some improvements.

Version 1.1.6 (iOS: 31 July 2019)

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 1.1.5

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.4 July 2019 Update!

  • Hero Mode is available now!(Reach Level 4-25)
  • Elite monsters & bosses are here!
  • New chapter chests up for grabs now!
  • Difficulty adjustment for some chapters.
  • Italian localization added.

Version 1.1.3

  • Added Gift Packs

Version 1.1.2 (iOS: 24 Jun 2019) (Android: 21 Jun 2019)

  1. New Chapters 'The Capital' and 'Dungeon of Traps' going online!
  2. Arabic, Vietnamese and Thai localizations added
  3. Graphics performance enhanced

Known Bugs

  • Free chests charging full cost

More Changes

  • Redesigned the shop
    • New chests icons
  • Redesigned chapter 7 image

Version 1.0

Version 1.0.9 (iOS: 17 May 2019)

  • Bug fix and improvements

Known Bugs

  • Major Crit

Version 1.0.8 (iOS: 12 May 2019)

  1. Graphics optimization for old iPhone models
  2. Fixed Scroll System issues at the end of combat
  3. Equipments Fusion bugs fixes some improvements during game loading

Version 1.0.5 (iOS: 2 May 2019)

  1. Bugs fixed in Data Saving and Energy System
  2. Newly added User Feedback system
  3. Bug fix and improvements

Version 1.0.4 (iOS: 30 Apr 2019)

  1. Bugs fixed in Data Saving and Energy System
  2. Newly added User Feedback system
  3. Bug fix and improvements

Version 1.0.3 (iOS: 12 Apr 2019)

  1. We solved some network connection issues
  2. Bug fix and improvements

Version 1.0.2 (iOS: 5 Apr 2019)

  • Bug fix and improvements

Version 1.0.1 (iOS: 28 Mar 2019)

  • Bug fix and improvements

Version 1.0 (iOS: 24 Mar 2019)

  • Archero Release