A chapter is a world or realm in Archero. Every chapter progresses in difficulty and varies in the amount of stages that you can will need to win before claiming victory and progressing to the next chapter.

There are also 2 Modes available: Normal Mode and Hero Mode,. In Hero Mode, the enemies are tougher. A random monster or boss will get a buff making it grow in size, increase damage dealt, increase defense, and improves their abilities.

Worlds List Edit

The list below includes the chapters that are currently in the game:

  1. Verdant Prairie
  2. Storm Desert
  3. Abandoned Dungeon
  4. Crystal Mines
  5. Lost Castle
  6. Cave of Bones
  7. Barrens of Shadow
  8. Silent Expanse
  9. Frozen Pinnacle
  10. Land of Doom
  11. The Capital
  12. Dungeon of Traps
  13. Coming Soon
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