Abilities, also known as skills, are power-ups that can be obtained in the midst of each adventure, and reset upon the end of the adventure. These abilities strengthen the player's character in various ways through the adventure, allowing players to better deal with the increasing difficulty as they progress through the stages. At any point, the list of abilities possessed by the character is accessible by pausing the game.

Obtaining AbilitiesEdit

Players are given a choice between three abilities each time their character levels up, as well as at the start of the adventure if in possession of the Glory talent . At the end of a Boss fight, a Lucky Wheel will appear, giving the player a chance to obtain either a abilities, a heal or some coins. Abilities can also be obtained from Angels, and The Devil (guaranteed to show up if the player takes no damage during a boss fight in place of the Lucky Wheel).

On the other hand, The Devil will give an ability in exchange for some of the character's maximum health. Some abilities, however, are unique to The Devil, such as passing through walls, walking on water, or perhaps most notably, an extra life.

It should be noted that any ability that gives the players extra arrows, reduces the damage of each individual arrow fired. For example, Front Arrow +1 adds an extra arrow being fired forward, but the arrows do slightly less damage, but the overall damage is increased.

Elemental EffectsEdit

Some of the abilities have special elemental effects, which can be:

  • Lightning - When an enemy is hit, electricity bolts strike all enemies that are nearby.
  • Ice - The first time an enemy is hit, it freezes for a short time. Each enemy has a short cooldown until he can be affected again (around 2s). Hitting the enemy again unfreezes him before the effect ends. Some bosses are immune to it.
  • Poison - When an enemy is hit, he is poisoned and starts losing HP slowly (ticks/s ~= 2s). The effect remains until the enemy dies.
  • Fire - When an enemy is hit, he starts burning and losing HP fast (ticks/s ~= 0.25s). However, the effect only lasts for approximately 2s, unless the enemy is hit with fire damage again. (Not sure if other effects stop the burning, or if some bosses put out the fire faster than normal mobs. Each tick deals half the damage of a poison tick. This needs to be checked).

All these elemental effects stack up so you don't have to worry about not getting any elements (e.g. Fire and Ice).

List of AbilitiesEdit

Arrow Abilities Edit

Ability Multishot Ricochet Front Arrow + 1 Piercing Shot
Front Arrow-0
Piercing Shot
Description Fires an additional time rapidly Your arrows jump between monsters Arrow fired forward +1
Effect Fire an additional shot immediately after the first Your shots bounce 3 times between nearby enemies

Damage is reduced by 30% per enemy hit (applied before other damage modifiers)

Fire an additional parallel shot Your shots penetrate enemies
Ability Bouncy Wall Diagonal Arrows Side Arrows + 1 Rear Arrow + 1
Diagonal Arrows
Side arrows
Rear Arrow
Description Arrows bounce against walls Diagonal Arrows +1 Fires an Arrow on your both sides Arrow fired backward +1
Effect Your attacks bounce off walls You fire an additional arrow diagonally forward to the left and right You fire an additional shot to the left and right You fire an additional shot backwards

Spell Abilities Edit

Ability Bolt Freeze Poison Touch Blaze
Poison Touch
Description Your attacks cause Lightning effect Slows enemies down Your attack cause Poison effect Your attacks cause a flame attack
Effect Adds Lightning to your attacks Adds Ice to your attacks Adds Poison to your attacks Deals a fast damage over time effect
Ability Chilling Blast Death Bomb
Death Bomb
Effect Enemies explode on death causing AOE Ice effect Enemies explode on death causing AoE damage

Boost Abilities Edit

Ability Attack Boost (Major) Attack Boost (Minor) Attack Speed Boost (Major) Attack Speed Boost (Minor)
Att boost
Attack Boost
Small ASPD
Description Now you can deal higher damage! Slightly increases your attack Now you can attack faster! Slightly increases your attack speed
Effect Increases damage by 25% of base damage Increases damage by half a normal upgrade (around 12.5% of base damage) Increases attack speed by ??? of base attack speed Increases attack speed by half a normal upgrade

Shield Abilities Edit

Ability Invincibility Star Shield Guard
Description Becomes invincible for 2 sec once a while A shield circles around you
Effect Become invincible for 2 seconds every 10 seconds Two shields rotate around you, blocking incoming projectiles

Health Abilities Edit

Ability HP Boost Strong Heart Heal Bloodthirst
HP Boost
Strong Heart-0
Description Max HP increased! You restore more HP when healed Restores HP partially Restores HP when you kill enemies!
Effect Increases HP by 20% of base max HP Increases heart heal power by 20% of the base heal Gain health on each kill (+18/1257 health)

Spirit Abilities Edit

Ability Wingman Spirit Front Arrow Spirit Multi-shot Spirit Attack Boost
Description Your spirit can block projectiles for you Your spirit deals more damage
Ability Spirit Attack Speed Boost Spirit Crit Boost Spirit Diagonal Arrow +1
Description Your Spirit attacks faster

Circle Abilities Edit

Ability Fire Circle Ice Circle Poison Circle Bolt Circle
Fire Circle
Poison Circle
Bolt Circle
Description Two flame orbs circle around you Two ice orbs circle around you Two poisonous orbs circle around you Two lightning orbs circle around you

Strike Abilities Edit

Ability Fire Strike Frost Strike Toxic Strike Bolt Strike
Description Summon a Fire Sword to attack enemies Summon a Frost Sword to attack enemies Summon a Toxic Sword to attack enemies Summons a Bolt Sword to attack enemies

Sword Abilities Edit

Ability Fire Sword Ice Sword Poison Sword Bolt Sword
Description Summons 2 fire swords to spin around you Summons 2 ice swords to spin around you Summons 2 poison swords to spin around you Summons 2 bolt swords to spin around you

Star Abilities Edit

Ability Flame Star Frost Star Toxic Star Bolt Star
Toxic Star
Description Summon a flame star to attack enemies Summon a frost star to attack enemies Summon a toxic star to attack enemies Summon a bolt star to attack enemies

Meteor Abilities Edit

Ability Blazing Meteor Frost Meteor Toxic Meteor Bolt Meteor
Blazing Meteor
Toxic Meteor
Description Summon a flame meteor to attack enemies Summon a frost meteor to attack enemies

Health Dependent Abilities Edit

Ability Fury Rage Grace Agility
Description Your attacks deal more damage at low HP
Effect Damage is increased proportionally to health missing (e.g. 5% missing health results in 5% extra damage) Lower the HP, easier to dodge enemy attacks

Other Abilities Edit

Ability Crit Master (Major) Crit Master (Minor) Headshot Smart
Crit master
Description Critical chance and critical strike damage increased! Increases crit chance and crit damage Small chance to kill mobs instantly
Effect Increases crit chance by half a normal upgrade and crit damage by 10% (half a normal upgrade) [ ]% chance to kill mobs instantly when they are shot. Ricochet, pierce, and spirit shots can all trigger the effect You gain more experience points at the end of each level
Ability Holy Touch Death Nova Dodge Master Extra Life
Holy Touch
Death Nova
Description Your attacks cause Holy effect Enemies explode into...
Effect All attacks that connect with an enemy create a sideways spread that deals [ ] damage each Enemies explode on death firing a spread of 8 max range Immediately revives the player at 100% health when killed. Grants 2 seconds of invincibility after revival
Ability Slow Projectile Shadow Clone Summon One-Eyed Bat Flexible
Description Summons a shadow clone of yours when monsters die
Effect Creates a clone of yourself upon defeating an enemy. The clone is stationary and fires at nearby enemies with your weapon
Ability Water Walker Through The Wall
Wall walker
Effect Allows the player to walk across water Allows the player to walk through walls
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