"Proficient in the study of Medicine, an invisible killer allowing him to be skilled in Poison."

Urasil is a deadly assassin that deals additional damage over time (DoT) in addition to his regular damage. Because like Poison, the effect is permanent so damage can still be caused while the player focuses on dodging. Urasil is a free hero that can be unlocked from Chapter 2-1. His upgrade stats are nearly pure offensive in nature, able to eke out a bit more damage while giving two of these stats to other heroes when unlocked.

Urasil can be acquired for free starting from Chapter 2-1.

Urasil's enhanced Poison effect stacks with any other Poison ability.

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Unique:Venom deals 40% equipment damage per sec

Attack: 120 (-30) (+9 per lvl)

Max HP: 550 (-50) (+30 per lvl)

Level up bonus Править

Level 20: Attack +40 (All Heroes)

Level 40: Damage to Melee units: +15%

Level 60: Critical Damage: +15% (All Heroes)

Level 80: Max HP +6%

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