"Born from Fire, and Fire answers to no one but him."

Phoren is quite similar to Urasil with his damage over time (DoT) starting ability, Inferno. Although not endless like Venom or other poison effects, the flame effect will do more damage in the same amount of time than any other element, but requires frequent reapplication.

Phoren's upgrades are based along Critical Chance which makes stacking Critical Damage a great choice, allowing him to deal rather high damage in the late game.

Phoren can be purchased for 50,000 Coins.

Phoren's Inferno can be applied in addition to any other flame ability.

Stats Править

Attack = 130 (-20) (+9 per lvl)

Max HP = 500 (-100) (+35 per lvl)

Level up bonus Править

Level 20: Critical Chance +2% (All Heroes)

Level 40: Projectile Resistance: +15%

Level 60: Critical Chance +2% (All Heroes)

Level 80: Critical Chance +5%

Bugs Править

Inferno claims to be "an enhanced Flame effect" yet it currently performs exactly like the basic Blaze fire effect which anyone can obtain, doing 7x15% of your unmodified damage over 2 seconds.

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