"The sea of light, possessing all the powers from the Light like his shiny hair."

Onir is a Hero introduced in some patch


Onir can be acquired by paying (₱499/$9.99/7.99€). This price may change depending on your region and respective taxes)

Onir´s enhanced Holy effect is a "laser" going off in a 90 degree angle to your original shot. It deals 100% of your base damage compared to 50% for a normal holy effect

Onir's enhanced Holy effect enhances any other holy ability.

You may acquire any other holy effect.

Stats Править

Unique: Holy Effect is Holy Touch but 100% damage vs 50% and instant

Attack: 140 (-10) (+11 per lvl)

Max HP: 650 (+50) (+45 per lvl)

Level up bonus Править

Level 20: Max HP: +200 (all heroes)

Level 40: Damage to ground units +20%

Level 60: Healing from red hearts +20% (all heroes)

Level 80: Attack+5%

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