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Mysterious Vendor
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Mysterious Vendor

The Mysterious Vendor appears on rare occasions along your runs and comes with unique offers to get scrolls or equipment costing gold or gems.

Mysterious Vendor's shop

There are 2 types of vendor : Scrolls vendor and Weapons vendor.


The most common type of vendor, he will either make you 2 offers, a small stack costing gold and a bigger stack costing gems or more rarely only one offer of an even bigger stack for gems.

The more advanced the chapter, the bigger the scroll stacks the vendor sells will be.

The price per scroll is always the same regardless of the stack size:

  • Ring scrolls : X gold / X gems
  • Armor and pet scrolls : X gold / X gems
  • Weapon scrolls: X gold / X gems


The equipment vendor is less common and will either make you 3 offers, 2 common and 1 great equipment or more rarely only one offer for a purple equipment.

The price of the equipment is as follow:

Weapon Armor Spirit Ring
Common 120 gems 80 gems 80 gems 48 gems
Great 360 gems 240 gems 240 gems 144 gems
Epic 3000 gems 2000 gems 2000 gems 1200 gems

When to buy from the vendor

After some time, gold is no longer time a problem so buying scrolls with golds is a good idea.

New players don't have to bother with the vendor before they've decided what equipment they will choose to keep. Once you've decided which equipment's you will upgrade until the end, it is much faster to buy from the merchant than to buy obsidian chests if you want to increase your stats.

The counterpart of such a technique is dependent on the merchant's good will (if he choose to never sell the equipment you want, you'll never get them) and that you won't have any other equipment in any other way than with the free chests, so switching stuff becomes impossible.

Other than that, if your aim is to optimize the growth pace of your hero, buying from the merchant is better than buying chests.