The Devil
Mysterious Vendor
Lucky Wheel

Type of Lucky Wheels

There are three types of lucky wheels:

Starting Lucky Wheel

Starting from chapter 2. Players will be able to spin the lucky wheel once at the start of every game. This lucky wheel only awards players coins.

In the starting lucky wheel, you have:

  • 1/2 chance to get 300 x ([Chapter #] - 1) coins
  • 1/3 chance to get 400 x ([Chapter #] - 1) coins
  • 1/6 chance to get 600 x ([Chapter #] - 1) coins

Random Lucky Wheel

The random lucky wheel appears after you defeat a boss except for the final boss if it is not replaced by a devil. The devil appears if you beat the boss without getting hit or with a small chance.

In the random lucky wheel, you have:

  • 1/6 chance to get coins corresponding to roughly 45% of a level up
  • 1/3 chance to get coins corresponding to roughly 25% of a level up
  • 1/6 chance to get an angel skill
  • 1/6 chance to get a normal skill
  • 1/6 chance to get healed for 60% of your base max health

Watch Ads Lucky Wheel

5 times every day, after spinning a random lucky wheel, you're given the choice to spin a special lucky wheel by watching an ad. This special lucky wheel can reward the player with gold or gems.

In the watch ads lucky wheel, you have:

  • 1/6 chance to get 20 gems
  • 1/3 chance to get 10 gems
  • 1/2 chance to get gold (value increases with the chapters)

Players are encouraged to watch their allotted 5 daily ads because this wheel spin is the only true income of gems aside from leveling up and advancing in the game, which becomes more difficult as time goes on.