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"A tribe warrior, a hunter; even the strong admire his power!"

Helix is a powerful yet high-risk character that needs taking damage to bring out the power of his special ability, Fury. Unlike with some other heroes, Fury is an amplified version of the skill it's based off, Rage. It is 20% stronger than Rage meaning that it increases your dmg by 1,2% per % of lost HP. It may be rather strong when a player can monitor his HP while maintaining a high level of avoidance. Stacking HP boosts will help survivability in this regard.

As he levels up, Helix can gain the following upgrade stats which are a good balance in both defense and offense.

Helix can be acquired for 1500 Gems.


Unique Ability: Rage but it's 1.2% per % instead of 1

Attack = 125 (-25) (+10 per lvl)

Max HP = 620 (+20) (+43 per lvl)

Level up bonus

Upgrade Stats:

Level 20: Critical Damage: +20% (All Heroes)

Level 40: Healing Effect of Red Hearts +20%

Level 60: Max HP +5% (All Heroes)

Level 80: Critical Hit Chance: +5%