Atreus is the starting Hero of the Archero Game. He's a young rookie with a desire to be a hero himself. Unlike other heroes he doesn't have a starting passive ability however has abit more base stats at Level 1. He is the jack of all trades, and the master of none and can go on almost any path. However unlock stats-wise, Atreus is a bit more defensive which can heavily increase max HP in turn for his fellow heroes, giving them significantly better tankiness.

Also unlike other heroes, Atreus changes cosmetic appearance with different armor pieces.

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Unique: Appearance changes with equipped armor

Attack: 150 (+8 per lvl)

Max HP: 600 (+25 per lvl)

Hero Overview Править

Level 20: Max HP +100 (All Heroes)

Level 40: Damage to Ranged Units +15%

Level 60: Max HP + 4% (All Heroes)

Level 80: Attack Speed +5%

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